Biofilter Raised Flooring System

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The hanit® biofilter raised flooring system is ideal for many industrial applications, most specifically in biolfilters. Made from 100% recycled plastic it is durable, long lasting and easier to install than traditional flooring systems. The industrial raised flooring system is both innovative and revolutionary.

Biofilter Raised Flooring System Benefits:

  • Maintenance Free
  • Long Useful Life
  • Low Weight
  • Faster Installation (no heavy equipment required)
  • Does not corrode

Applications within Biofuel.

Through the rise of sustainable energy there's been a rise in demand for biofuel and thus an increase in the development of biogas plants and consequently bio filters. The hanit® biofilter raised flooring system has been successfully as a bio filter floor. Biomass is broken down through anaerobic respiration and is used to generate biogas. Bio filters are used to control the odour problems caused through these processes. Our recycled plastic products provide the perfect solution as they can perform at 35°C at 100% humidity in a chemical environment, have excellent airflow and have the ability to drive vehicles over it.

Biofilter Raised Flooring System Details:

The legs both support and hold in place the grids that fit on top of them (see details below). This allows a medium to be placed on the floor or it can be simply used as a drainage floor. The floor operates in high temperatures in gassy environments and is designed to optimise airflow.

Raised floor for use in:

• Bio filters within biogas production

• Industrial and utility facilites

• To allow drainage on walking surfaces

• Odour control facilities
Width: 50.0 cm
Thickness: 8.0 cm
Length (max.): 100.0 cm
Weight: 18.4 kg
Colour: Grey
Range of Application:
Advantages: • Allows good airflow

• Excellent performance at high temperatures

• Simple to handle and fit

• Inherently stable due to support mechanism
Note: Legs have Ø 15 cm and come in a variety of lengths from 30cm to 100cm.
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