Ecocrib Retaining Wall

Hahn Plastics Ltd has worked alongside PC Construction in the development of Ecocrib Retaining Walls. Made using hanit® UK manufactured recycled plastic profiles; this new innovative
product is taking over the market. Traditionally made from concrete (prone to cracking) or timber (prone to rotting); retaining walls hold back soil where natural slopes are being resisted to gain
maximum flat land. As hanit® is chemically inert, it does not affect the environment it’s placed in, what’s more, it also reduces the amount of plastic waste going to landfill. It’s simple and easy
to install and can be done without heavy machinery which saves on costs and is also lightweight meaning it has a low carbon footprint for transport.
Once built, the Ecocrib Retaining Wall has BBA approval to have a 120 year life span. hanit®’s material benefits include; strong, durable, maintenance free, weather and rot proof and an
extremely cost effective choice.
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