Our Story

Hahn Plastics Ltd. is part of the HAHN Group, leader in the development and manufacture of outdoor, technical recycled plastic products. We have been producing high-quality products from recycled plastics for over 20 years. Using state of the art technology and moulding tools, along with technical expertise, we develop innovative and long-lasting products.

hanit® is finished parts and profiles made of used plastic packaging. hanit® materials are 100% recyclable.
Patented manufacturing techniques, our in-house mould design and construction as well as technical know-how ensure hanit® products have extraordinary technical and economical application properties.

We have established ourselves as the market leaders of recycled plastic products due to our extensive range of high quality-products and the ability to supply from our substantial stock holding.
We have also set standards in the field of technology. Several patent-protected preparation and manufacturing processes have been developed and are incorporated in to the manufacture of hanit® recycled plastic products. As a result, new applications have been developed where the use of secondary plastics had been unimaginable for a long time. The properties of hanit® have already convinced many sceptics.

We would like the opportunity to convince you too, of the benefits of using our recycled plastic products. Our consistently customer orientated approach will enable us to find the right solution for your project.

The History of The HAHN Group.


Opening of Hahn France,
Sales Office.


Extension of HAHN KUNSTSTOFFE Head Office at Hahn-Flughafen to keep up with expansion and demand of the HAHN Group.

Opening of Hahn Plastics Limited, in Manchester, UK, Sales Office and Warehouse.

For the first time the monthly delivery quantity of 2,000 tons of finished parts is exceeded, which is around 100 truckloads. The purchase of the neighbouring ground enlarges the company grounds by approx. 20,000m² to 75,000m² at present.


Investments in the processing technology provide for increased production of our own agglomerates in an enhanced product quality control.

An export department is created to accommodate the increasing foreign demand. The department now has a team of 5.

Award of the “BLUE ANGEL” eco-label.

The number of employees exceeds 100.
The delivery of 1,000 tons of products per month is achieved for the first time; around 50 truckloads.


Formation of HAHN LÄRMSCHUTZ GMBH, which concentrates on the marketing and sales of plantable noise barriers.

Opening of the Ihlienworth sales office.
Acquisition of the formerly rented company premises on the terrain of Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

Opening of the Köthen sales office.
Registration of the hanit® as a trademark. Our product range is marketed worldwide under this brand name.


Takeover of the plastics recycling branch of Dr.Spiess Kunststoff-Recycling GmbH & Co., located in Kleinkarbach, Germany. The expansion of the production facilities by adding 2 extruders allows the manufacture of outdoor furniture, covering plates and noise barriers.
At the beginning of 1997 the machinery consists of 1 extruder, 2 injection moulding machines, 1 preparation plant with 2 shredders and 2 pelletisers.


For the first time the production capacity exceeds 10,000 tons of finished parts per year, which corresponds to about 500 truckloads.


Formation of the company on the premises of Hahn Air Base, a former US military installation at Hahn, Germany within the scope of a conversion project.