Recycled Plastic Product Benefits

Our hanit® recycled plastic products have already surprised many people, including design engineers, in regard to range of benefits they provide. When it comes to applications where the demand is for robust and particularly durable solutions, recycled plastic products made from hanit® provide a clear advantage.

Recycled Plastic Material Resistance

  • Weather-resistant
  • Rot resistant, splinter-proof
  • Year round use is possible
  • Moisture-repellent, no water absorption, fast-drying

Recycled Plastic Products are Low Weight

  • Installation without heavy equipmentVorteile
  • Deliver bigger quantities on standard loads
  • Transport-cost efficient
  • Faster installation
  • Reduced workload

Recycled Plastic Material Properties

The hanit® material consists of recycled plastics, to be more precise, polyolefin mixtures. The main components of these blends are polyethylene (LDPE/HDPE) and polypropylene (PP).
Through utilisation of these high-quality recycled raw-materials (material purity level > 95 %) expensive new material is spared and environmental resources are conserved.
Our customers are repeatedly impressed by the functionality, simple handling, robustness and durability of this material.
Verifiable practical experience from various fields of application, including under the toughest conditions, have shown that hanit® is an innovative material.

  • Electrically non-conductive
  • Fire behaviour: Fire Class B2 (DIN 4102)
  • Pressure resistant
  • Density: approx. 0.93 g/cm³
  • Low thermal conductivity, the thermal conductivity value is about 0.23 [W/mK]
  • Continuous operating temperature: - 20 to + 50 °C
  • Waterproof (hydrophobic)
  • Resistant to oils, alkalis, acids and seawater
  • Resistant to micro-organisms
  • UV-resistant
  • High splinter resistant
  • Fully pigmented