Product Development

As industries are facing increasingly complex tasks. Innovative solutions are required to address these challenges. One solution is the increased use of recycled plastic as a new material.
Recycled plastics are innovative materials. Many technical developments in industry, agriculture, forestry as well as horticulture and landscaping would not be possible without the specific application of new materials.


Due to the very good price-performance ratio our material hanit® is increasingly replacing the traditionally used materials wood, steel, metal, concrete and primary plastics.
Technical progress and material development go hand in hand. Recycled plastic materials such as hanit® and profiles, precast elements as well as systems derived from it are pioneers for economic and ecological progress.

From an idea to a finished product - all under one roof!

With your input, our development team can offer the best technical and most economical solution.
Our strength is the individual development, design and manufacture of system solution, customised to your requirements. Thanks to our patented manufacturing techniques we are able strengthen products with various steel reinforcements, if required. Moreover, we can source and supply additional components to be added to your products for a one-stop shop process.
Through product-related compounding and utilising a specially developed technique, we are able to produce robust and durable finished parts with a wall thickness from 6 mm.
Our in-house mould and tool making allows the production of prototypes and small series.
The service provision of our development department at a glance:
  • Feasibility studies / economic efficiency calculations
  • Concept, design, development and engineering
  • Prototyping
  • Computer simulation (3-D, CAD, exploded drawings, etc.)
  • Mould and tool construction
  • Requirement-specific material compositions
  • Cost-effective small-batch production
  • Component manufacture
  • Warehousing for customers