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Product information Garden Edging

Our Garden edging made from hanit® recycled plastic provides clear structures in the garden because it cleverly sets the scene for certain areas and, with a height of 14 cm, provides a clear separation of flower beds, vegetable beds or perennial beds from lawns. There are no limits to your design freedom, because both straight and rolled versions of our Garden edging are available, therefore allowing you to have Garden bed borders in any shape – be it square, round or rectangular. And a curved border can also be easily implemented with the rolled profile, which is ideal for flexible design. In simple anthracite grey, the timeless appearance of the Garden edging blends harmoniously into any garden, providing plants of all kinds with a beautiful and decorative frame. It can also be used as a separating element within a bed and therefore contribute to optimum growth of the plants in the vegetable bed, for example, unplanned mixed cultures can be prevented by enclosing individual areas. The Garden edging also can prevent lawns from spreading into the beds. This provides an optimum combination of decorative and practical aspects – which applies to a bed border made from hanit® in a very special way.

Thanks to the unique material properties, hanit® recycled plastic can withstand rain, frost and UV radiation over the long term in comparison to many conventional materials, and moisture rising from the ground cannot damage the border of the bed. Expensive maintenance measures and repair work are therefore a thing of the past. A tidy look for years to come is also guaranteed, because hanit® recycled plastic is splinter-free and unbreakable, making it the perfect basis for well-groomed beds and a beautiful garden. Our Garden borders are therefore also often used to frame trees and decorative elements such as fountains or statues.

To ensure that the Garden edging is in a permanently stable position, we recommend our weather-resistant and moisture-repellent square posts made from hanit® recycled plastic for installation, matching in grey. Approx. 24 posts are required for a rolled profile, and approx. 4 posts for a straight profile. If necessary, the profiles can be shortened to the required length, because like wood, hanit® recycled plastic is easy to process using conventional tools. This gives you complete flexibility when you are edging the beds and designing your garden. All of the important information for installing the Garden edging can be found in the download area.

Detail selection Square post 45 cm
Colour Grey
Weight 5.6 kg
Width 4 cm
Length 45 cm
Depth 4 cm
Packaging unit Bundle of 8 profiles | 72 Pieces