Paving stone

Item No.: 4200038
Product information Paving stone

Quickly laid, permeable to water and yet highly resilient - with our hanit paving element, beautiful sidewalks, garden paths, driveways or parking spaces can be created in no time, because only four elements are required per square meter. Laying is much faster and easier than with individual paving stones, to which the practical composite system also makes a significant contribution. If necessary, the paving stone elements can be cut to size with a simple jigsaw so that flexible shapes and corner solutions can also be implemented. Rainwater can easily seep into the finished paved area. The only requirement is the use of infiltration material, such as basalt joint sand. In this way, the natural water cycle is closed and, with appropriate preparation of the subsurface, it is also possible to drive over with heavy vehicles. With their timeless and simple look, the hanit paving elements fit harmoniously into any environment and, thanks to the special dirt and moisture-repellent material properties, still look as good as new even after many years.

Colour Grey
Weight 8.4 kg
Thickness 6 cm
Width 50 cm
Length 50 cm
Required quantity 4 Pieces per sqm
Sealed area 85%
Capacity 0,01 m³ per sqm
Load capacity Suitable for load class SLW 60 according to DIN 1072
Packaging unit 60 Pieces