Rectangular palisade

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Item No.: 1200001
Product information Rectangular palisade

Our rectangular palisades made from hanit® recycled plastic offer numerous creative possibilities and maximum design flexibility on every project - whether in a private garden, in a children’s playground or when designing public green spaces.

Possible applications:
  • patio edging
  • stairway design
  • bed border
  • edging paved areas
  • pond border
  • playground design and sandpit edging
  • terrain grading and slope stabilisation
They have a major advantage compared with conventional models made from concrete, namely the significantly lighter weight. Our palisades are only a third of the weight, allowing uncomplicated and easy installation without the need for heavy equipment. hanit® recycled palisades are therefore the first choice when planning and implementing construction projects in the public sector or private gardens - for new builds as well as refurbishment and modernisation work.

Once the palisades have been placed correctly, they guarantee decades of reliable and maintenance-free use. Not only can our recycled plastic permanently withstand high mechanical loads, but it is also wind and weather resistant. Neither UV rays, moisture nor frost affect the stability of our palisades. Efflorescence or spalling is therefore not to be feared and a neat, clean appearance is ensured long term.

Another special feature of our hanit® rectangular palisades is the flexibility during processing. For example, holes for spotlights can easily be drilled into the palisades, facilitating individual lighting concepts. In addition, the choice between the three colour variants brown, grey and anthracite allows plenty of creative scope and designs in a wide range of styles. In brown the palisades support a naturalistic design, in grey a timeless, elegant design and with the trendy colour anthracite beautiful modern accents can be created.
Detail selection 12 x 16 cm
Colour Brown
Weight 6.6 kg
Length 60 cm
Required quantity 6.3 / 8.4 Pieces per m
Packaging unit 60 Pieces/Pallet