Round palisade

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Item No.: 1100120
Product information Round palisade

Timeless classic in sustainable design. Our round palisades made from hanit® recycled plastic are indispensable for gardening and landscaping as they lend shape and structure to green spaces and can be used in a variety of ways.

Possible applications:
  • walkway edging
  • bed border
  • driveway edging
  • pond border
  • fencing
  • playground design and sandpit edging
  • stair edging
  • privacy screen
  • snow guard
As versatile designs and functional elements, they fulfil all the important criteria for long and maintenance-free use, as our round palisades are not only extremely strong and break-proof but also particularly resistant to all weather conditions. So rain, sunlight, frost and snow leave no trace. With hanit® there is also no need to worry about splintering - a key feature of our material that ensures safe use on playgrounds, for example.

Depending on the intended use, with our round palisades, you can choose from a wide range of sizes and between the hollow and solid profile versions. Our range, therefore, provides the right solution for many small and large projects - whether in the public or private sector. Our round palisades also look good, as, unlike conventional concrete palisades, they are available in brown as well as grey. So our hanit® recycled palisades blend harmoniously into any environment as a border or boundary. Visual highlights can in turn be created through stylish combinations of the two colour variants. If necessary, the palisades can be worked like wood, providing additional design flexibility.

Installation is easy thanks to the lightweight - particularly practical in difficult-to-access, impassable terrain because heavy equipment is not required for placing our round palisades in position.
Detail selection Solid profile
Colour Grey
Weight 20.6 kg
Diameter 15 cm
Length 125 cm
Required quantity 6.7 Pieces per meter
Packaging unit 30 Pieces/Pallet