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Item No.: EGH1624150
Product information "U-profile"

Perfect borders every time! hanit® u-profiles provide the right edging solution for a variety of uses. They are used in the same way as normal profiles (hollow measurement: 13 cm wide, 12 cm high) but have an almost invisible inter-connecting system – no screws or fixings to be seen! We also make a ready-to-assemble sandbox border kit (see page 194 for Playground furniture).

  • Lengths: 150 and 300 cm
  • Profile measurements: 16 x 24 cm
  • Available as standard piece (open on both ends) and end piece (open on one end)
  • Lightweight, easy installation
  • Complete system

Packaging units are intended for information only. Products exceeding 200 cm in length are packed on double pallets.

Detail selection16.0 x 24.0 cm, end profile
Quality (material)hanit®
Length150 cm
Width24 cm
Weight34.9 kg
Piece per pallet18