Biofilter raised flooring system

Item No.: 6000522
Product information Biofilter raised flooring system


High-quality exhaust air cleaning

Our biofilter raised flooring system made from hanit® recycling plastic have been specially developed for use in bio-filter systems. As a ventilation and inflow floor, our system solution provides a long-lasting and cost-effective alternative to conventional models made from wood, steel or concrete, since these materials cannot withstand the long-term effects of the warm and moist micro-climate and the strong chemical loads in bio-filters. Damage caused by decomposition or corrosion is inevitable, meaning that efficient air circulation and environmentally friendly exhaust air cleaning can only be ensured if regular maintenance work is carried out. And sooner or later, the floor will also have to be replaced if conventional materials are used.

The chemical-resistant solution

Our biofilter raised flooring system hanit® made from recycling plastic performs significantly better under extreme conditions in bio-filters because the robust material is resistant to chemicals, acids and micro-organisms. hanit® also permanently withstands a prevailing temperature of 50 °C and humidity of almost 100%. The robust recycling plastic can also cope with high mechanical loads, meaning that our biofilter raised flooring system can be driven over with vehicles with a gross weight of up to 3 tonnes with appropriate installation. Our hanit® biofilter raised flooring system, therefore, guarantees a high degree of circulation capability and reliable and maintenance-free use over a long period, and is already successfully being used in many areas such as in composting systems, sewage treatment plants and in the food and animal feed industry.

The hanit® biofilter raised flooring system is comparatively quick and easy to install. The gratings are simply fitted to the top of the supports, and the light weight of the components also makes installation easier. If required, the biofilter raised flooring system can be flexibly adapted to the on-site situation without problems, since hanit® can be processed using normal commercial tools in a similar way to wood. For example, the height of the supports can be adapted to the depth of the floor tray, and all conceivable filter dimensions and shapes can be realised – even round filters are easy to implement.