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Reliable and flexible cable ducting

When it is a case of guaranteeing the smooth operation of industrial and infrastructure systems, the main focus is on the planning of reliable and interference-free power supply and data transmission. Because cable or line damage not only results in high repair costs but usually also involves expensive downtime.

With our supply channel made from hanit recycling plastic, we have developed a high-quality solution for reliable routing of cables and lines which guarantees long-term and reliable deployment, not only indoors but particularly in outdoor areas. Our hanit material is extremely robust, frost resistant and UV resistant, and also withstands any environmental influences. Laying underground is therefore also possible without problems in civil engineering projects. Our cable duct can also withstand a considerable amount of mechanical stress and therefore guarantees long-term stability without deformation. The technical portfolio is rounded off by outstanding tensile strength.

Reliable protection for cables and signal lines

In addition to the high product quality, supply channels made from hanit recycling plastic have another decisive advantage, i.e. their lightweight. They are just one-third of the weight of comparable products made from concrete. This not only makes it possible to save a considerable amount of money with regard to transport but also during installation, which can easily be carried out manually without the need for bulky lifting equipment. Laying in terrain that is difficult to access or cannot be driven on is, therefore, possible without problems. And the integrated plug-in system also makes assembly and disassembly and therefore re-use in different phases of construction possible. The top of the supply channel can be opened along its entire length, for easy insertion and removal of prefabricated cables and lines. This removes the need for tedious cable threading, and maintenance and monitoring of the lines are also very easy.

Our hanit cable duct has already made an impression in numerous projects in industrial and traffic construction because of the special combination of easy, low-cost laying and outstanding product performance. It is available in two sizes and two different nominal widths as standard. We can make product-specific adaptations to the supply channel if necessary, so that individual size, nominal width or flexible routing requirements can be fulfilled in the best possible way, and your power cables, control cables and supply lines are provided with optimum protection.