Grass Edging

Item No.: 2200006
Product information Grass Edging

A seamless transition between the border and the edge of the lawn looks very natural but also has a big downside. The edge has to be raked or cut every four to six weeks during the growing season to prevent the lawn from taking over the flowerbeds and maintain a neat appearance in the garden. Clear differentiation by means of Garden edging or Grass edging is therefore a considerably lower-maintenance option - especially if it’s made from hanit. Our recycled plastic is moisture, frost and UV-resistant and even constant contact with damp soil cannot harm this durable material. Compared to many models made of conventional landscaping materials, hanit Grass edging is protected against weathering for many years and provides optimum conditions for a permanently clean lawn edge and a well-kept garden without the need for time-consuming maintenance. The straight lines also make mowing the lawn easier and mowing robots can move along the edge without difficulty and pick up every blade of grass. Our hanit Grass edging is also a reliable choice as a mowing border.

Our hanit Grass edging is very simple to install thanks to the practical connector system and with a profile length of 250 cm even large areas can be sectioned off in no time at all. If necessary, the Grass edging can be cut to size, as hanit can be worked like wood. Clean working and flexibility to adapt to local conditions are given.

Owing to its premium material properties and flexible fast installation, our hanit Grass edging has long been used for more than just edging beds or lawns in private gardens. As a popular design element in professional gardening and landscaping, our Grass edging is also used in public parks and leisure facilities to create borders for beds and lawns and to section off other areas such as playgrounds, seating areas or sandpits. Our Grass edging is also ideal for marking out property boundaries and as splash protection around houses. And our recycled plastic Grass edging has proven itself many times over as border reinforcement for courtyards, driveways and other paved areas due to its toughness and simple design.

Our hanit Grass edging is available in grey and brown. The grey variant, for example, is often used for edging modern courtyards, driveways or garden paths, as it goes perfectly with neutral paving stones in grey or anthracite, which are all the rage at the moment. Grass edging in grey also works well as a decorative border because it visually clearly differentiates the bed from the lawn and makes plants look nice. The brown version of our Grass edging, on the other hand, is ideal for a natural look in gardens or outdoor spaces, creating a smooth transition between the bed and lawn area despite a clear boundary.

Colour Grey
Weight 33 kg
Thickness 5 cm
Length 250 cm
Height 26 cm
Packaging unit 30 Pieces