Ground anchor

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Item No.: 4600763
Product information Ground anchor

Prevent benches and tables from being stolen with a hanit ground anchor. Our anchors are made from solid hanit and designed to be buried or concreted into the ground to provide a solid base for bolting benches and tables in place. 

  • Safe, sturdy assembly
  • Just bury or concrete into place

Delivered in grey or brown, depending on stock levels. Including assembly materials.

Type 1

  • Aveto sun lounger
  • Bavaria bench
  • Calero bench
  • Canetti bench
  • Eclipse bench
  • Hyde Park bench
  • Hyde Park bench without back
  • Hyde Park extension modul
  • Mira bench
  • Sutton bench 
  • Tarlo Senior's bench 
  • Tivoli bench 
  • Ueno bench 
  • Calero table 
  • Tivoli table 
  • Trinity table 
  • Gatton round bench 
  • Calero children's bench 
  • Canetti children's bench without backrest 
  • Calero children's table
Type 2
  • Piccadilly bench
  • Trafalgar Square bench
  • Canetti children's bench with backrest
  • Pippolino children's bench
  • Canetti children's table
  • Tivoli children's table
Type 3
  • Hyde Park table
  • Isola set
  • Serengeti set
  • Forio children's set
Type 4
  • High Line bench
Detail selection Type 3
ColourBrown or Grey (Delivered depending on stock levels)
11 kg
Width 10 cm
Height 30 cm
Depth 140 cm
Condition of delivery Including assembly materials
Suitable for Hyde Park table
Isola set
Serengeti set
Forio children's set