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With long-life and low-maintenance products

Whether in the stable, paddock, or riding arena - as a horse keeper, you do everything you can to ensure that your animals are always safe, stay healthy, and generally feel good. We know that this involves a tremendous amount of work and expense on top of the everyday feeding, care, and hygiene measures. After all, the quality of the grazing, riding arena, and stabling facilities plays a key role when it comes to guaranteeing your horses’ safety at all times. Something is always breaking and rotten fence posts or boards pose a considerable risk of injury to our four-legged friends due to splinters and sharp edges. Therefore, a lot of time, energy, and cash has to be invested in maintaining fences, horse boxes, and exercise areas.

We want to make your life easier and provide safe, low-maintenance solutions for horse husbandry with our products made from hanit recycled plastic. These will not only save you time-consuming repairs and high maintenance costs, but are also a resource-conserving and long-lasting alternative in terms of sustainability. Whether horse fencing, paddocks, rails for the riding arena, or boards for box stabling - below we reveal in detail what benefits make hanit the perfect material for horse husbandry and present selected products for keeping your four-legged friends safe.


Say goodbye to splinters


More protection for your four-legged friends

Many sources of danger are lurking for your four-legged friends in the stable and when grazing. Removing them reliably or preventing them from the outset takes a lot of work. In addition to important hygiene and orderliness measures, regular inspections of fences and gates. as well as stabling facilities are needed for safe and appropriate horse husbandry. In the rough and tumble of providing stabling and grazing facilities, things are always getting broken and the weather also leaves its mark on paddock fencing and the like over time. The resulting damage poses a high risk of injury to horses due to splinters and sharp edges.

With our hanit recycled products, you can play it safe from the start. In contrast to conventional products made from wood, hanit is resistant to moisture, frost, and UV rays without any harmful impregnation agents and therefore remains splinter-free, strong and break-proof even after many years of outdoor use. This reduces the risk of injury to a minimum and also breakouts of your horses are reliably prevented. And, as a final reassurance, the DIN EN 71-3 certification confirms that our recycled plastic is completely non-toxic. So, with hanit, your animals are safe and sound - whether in the paddock, stable, or riding arena.


One-off investment – long-term benefits

Every horse keeper knows - something is always breaking. Either the stable boards have snapped after being kicked hard by the horses, the paddock fence or the paddock gate can no longer withstand the breakout attempts of our powerful four-legged friends, or the weather has left its mark. To avoid the risk of injury from splinters or sharp edges, any damage must always be rectified as soon as possible, over time, this can be very costly. There are already enough expenses for keeping horses in a species-appropriate manner, i.e. feed, vets, farrier, grooming products - the list is long.

With our recycled products for grazing and stabling facilities, laborious maintenance and therefore additional costs are finally a thing of the past. hanit is weatherproof, kick-resistant, and non-splintering and can also easily withstand heavy loads. What’s more, the tough artificial wood is hydrophobic and resistant to microorganisms. Whether paddock fence, paddock, or stable boards - our products made from hanit recycled plastic make your life easier, as long, maintenance-free use is guaranteed, leaving you more time to devote entirely to your horses.

Say goodbye to high maintenance costs


The perfect synergy between sustainability and product performance

Our hanit recycled products stand for top quality, safety, and the responsible handling of natural resources instead of primary raw materials such as crude oil, we only use plastic from household and production waste to produce the recycled material. Hanit recycled plastic is therefore made from 100% recycled plastic and is also 100% recyclable and that is one of the reasons why our products have been awarded the Blue Angel, the ecolabel of the German government. It certifies that they conform to very high environmental, health, and performance standards over their entire service life. Hanit recycled plastic is very resilient and extremely durable - also an important point in terms of sustainability, which for us starts with the quality of our products.

We ensure the high quality of our products by regular material testing through internal and external quality controls, along with independent certified testing laboratories. Our material hanit is, for example, certified as non-toxic according to DIN EN 71-3. With our recycled range for animal husbandry, we thus guarantee maximum security, not only for your horses but also for you as owner and keeper. We give a full 20-year guarantee on the majority of our products - for an all-round good feeling.


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Application Horse Husbandry
Application Horse Husbandry
Application Horse Husbandry