L-Stone Corner

Item No.: 2000032
Product information L-Stone Corner

The perfect corner solution for a completely successful result - our L-stone corner made of hanit recycled plastic is the optimum complement to our L-stones. With the practical system extension, you can achieve neat finishes on every project and flexible corner formations are no problem.

Of course, the hanit L-stone corner is available as an accessory in all sizes and colours to match our L-stones, so you can choose from a wide range of options for every building project. In addition to the conventional grey concrete L-stone, the hanit range provides  black, and therefore a particular degree of design freedom. In grey, the stones underpin a simple design and in black, they provide beautiful modern touches.

In three different heights, our L-stones and the matching corners are suitable for completely different gardening and landscaping applications. Whether for retaining smaller and larger slopes and embankments, as edging for patios and flower beds or for designing steps and boundaries - these versatile helpers and structure enhancers are indispensable in outdoor landscaping.

Especially when used to stabilise embankments and slopes, L-stones are exposed to high loads - accordingly, lasting secure hold and high stability are key. With hanit L-stones and the accompanying L-stone corner elements, you play it safe, as the resistance to weather means the products can be used reliably over the long term, at any location. The only requirement is a solid foundation and professional installation of the L-stones and outer corners. Incidentally, they are much easier to fit than the traditional concrete versions, as L-stones made of hanit recycled plastic weigh only a third of the conventional models. Thanks to their low weight, our L-stones and corner elements can also be positioned without heavy machinery - a huge advantage over concrete stones, especially in gardens and grounds that are difficult to access. Therefore, L-stones and L-stone corners made from our material hanit especially combine sturdiness and easy handling.

Colour Grey
Weight 11.5 kg
Width 25 cm
Height 55 cm
Depth 25 cm
Packaging unit 24 Pieces