Item No.: 2000005
Product information L-Stone

Strong lightweights: Our L-stones made of hanit recycled plastic have already proved themselves many times over as durable support and design elements and have a decisive advantage compared to the traditional concrete versions. They weigh only a third of conventional L-stones and, thanks to their low weight, even the large sizes can be transported and positioned precisely without heavy machinery - a particular benefit in terrain that is difficult to access. Our L-stones, therefore, offer the perfect solution for retaining slopes and embankments. However, our range also provides suitable products for smaller design projects.

Possible applications:
  • edging of flower beds and other areas
  • border for patios
  • slope stabilisation
  • property boundary
  • stair and step construction
  • path demarcation
Whether you use our plastic L-stones as decorative bed edging, to retain natural embankments or to create artificial height differences - an attractive appearance and a stable hold are guaranteed for years to come. hanit recycled plastic is weatherproof and extremely resistant to any external influences. Even UV rays, which take their toll on conventional plastic products over time, have no impact on the stability and load-bearing capacity of our products. hanit L-stones impress thanks to their first-class material performance on every project and are also a popular alternative in terms of sustainability and resource conservation. hanit is made of 100% recycled packaging plastics and can be fully recycled again after its extremely long service life.

Our plastic L-stones also leave nothing to be desired when it comes to implementing creative design concepts. Compared with traditional concrete varieties, our models are available in black as well as the standard grey. These versatile all-rounders support the currently fashionable trend for a neatly manicured garden in addition to rustic and naturalistic styles. As a perfect complement to our L-stones, the L-stone corner made of hanit recycled plastic offers additional design scope, as neat finishes and corner solutions is particularly easy to achieve with this practical product extension. Of course, there is a matching L-stone corner to suit every colour and size of our L-stones, ensuring that a harmonious overall look can always be achieved, whether in grey or black.

In our installation recommendation, you will find all the important tips and information for installing our plastic L-stones to ensure a completely successful result.

Colour Grey
Weight 28.6 kg
Width 50 cm
Height 55 cm
Depth 50 cm
Packaging unit 16 Pieces