Ogee palisade

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Item No.: 1000018
Product information "Ogee palisade"

Ogee palisades made from hanit® recycled plastic create clear boundaries or smooth transitions - whether in public parks, private gardens or playgrounds. The possible applications are just as varied as the available sizes and designs.

Possible applications:
  • bed border
  • border for paths
  • slope reinforcement
  • playground design and sandpit edging
  • pond border
  • riding arena edging

When in use, our ogee palisades stand out due to their special resistance to any environmental effects. The high quality of hanit® recycled products means they can withstand UV rays, moisture and frost and are therefore totally weatherproof. Ogee palisades made from hanit®, therefore, remain strong and unbreakable over time. Compared with conventional models made from wood, there are also no worries about splintering - a particularly important point for use in playgrounds or kindergarten, as this reduces the risk of injury from the outset. The rounded edges and DIN EN 71-3 certification (toy safety) also play an important part.

The hollow profile and low weight of our recycled plastic not only enable savings on transport costs but also particularly easy installation, as even the large items can be installed quite easily by hand without the use of heavy equipment - a decisive advantage over models made of concrete that weigh about three times as much. Our palisades, therefore, combine easy handling and exceptional stability. The sturdiness is not only due to the special material properties but also the lamination created by the interlocking of the palisades. Our ogee palisades can therefore carry very high loads and also the low joint formation is an important advantage, guaranteeing a long-lasting beautiful appearance with low care and maintenance requirements.

Our recycled ogee palisades are available in three different colours, namely brown, grey and anthracite. This means our range can be used to represent a wide range of styles, whether modern, classic or rustic.

Detail selection Solid profile
Colour Brown
Weight 14.9 kg
Diameter 11 cm
Length 180 cm
Slump 9.5 cm
Required quantity 10.5 Pieces per meter
Fillet angle 60°
Packaging unit 70 Pieces/Pallet