Standard Sheet

Item No.: 2400031
Product information Standard Sheet

Individually adaptable for a wide range of constructions: your ideas take shape with our hanit® standard panel. Whether for constructing a raised bed, for use as wall cladding, as a riding rail or for edging sandpits – this versatile panel provides numerous options because hanit® is very easy to process using conventional wood and metal processing tools. The panels made from recycled plastic can be cut to any size, and flexibly attached and installed using nails or screws.

As well as being easy to process, our weather-resistant plastic panels are characterized by their stability and resistance to external influences. They are impact-resistant, rot-proof and resistant to UV radiation. This makes them ideal for long-term outdoor use and as a popular design element for gardening and landscaping projects.

Regarding safety, panels made from hanit® recycled plastic are a reliable choice because they are permanently splinter-proof and certified as non-toxic by DIN EN 71-3 (Safety of toys). It is hardly surprising that our plastic panels are already an integral part of many playgrounds. For example, outdoor climbing walls or play towers are designed using these weatherproof plastic panels. The high degree of safety also makes our plastic panels a popular component in the animal husbandry industry, because it is important to rule out the risk of injury from splinters or broken edges right from the outset. When used in stables, paddocks or riding facilities, our material also has another advantage: it is resistant to microorganisms, meaning that partitions, riding boards and other things made from hanit® plastic panels remain stable and reliable during use, even if they come into contact with urine.

Regardless of the application, one thing always remains the same: with panels made of hanit® recycled plastic, you can rely on proven quality without expensive servicing and maintenance work, and there is little change in the appearance of the panels when used outdoors. Thanks to their weather resistance, they are guaranteed to have an attractive appearance for many years, regardless of whether they are brown or grey. You can choose between different thicknesses, widths and lengths of the panels for your projects so that little or no adjustment is required. Even if you are planning designs which are particularly creative and unusual, the light weight of the plastic panels makes processing and installation easier. Let yourself be impressed by the many advantages hanit® has to offer.

Colour Brown
Weight 51 kg
Thickness 2.5 cm
Width 105 cm
Length 205 cm
Packaging unit 10 Pieces